I’m a writer who is fascinated by the human mind, history, language, and how we understand the natural world. These fascinations are reflected in the content of my web sites. I’ve also written articles about scientific research and the history of science, book and movie reviews, memoir, and essays that weave together personal experience and scientific findings.


I began writing for publication more than 25 years ago (see a list of my publications). Since 2005, I’ve been writing for my web site, The Thinking Meat Project, where I write about brain science, human behavior, human evolution, and related topics. In 2013, I launched Science Word Geek, where I tell some of the stories behind words related to science. Most recently, in 2017, I started building my Science Vacations site, which covers science destinations in the United States.

I enjoy finding connections: between science and art, between science and the humanities, and among neuroscience, psychology, history, and our sense of who we are as individuals and as a species.

My background includes a bachelor’s degree in astrophysics with a math minor and some graduate coursework in astronomy and in history of science. I also have seven years of experience editing scientific papers written by non-native English speakers. This work has exposed me to research in various fields including particle physics, green energy technologies, and nanotechnology.

Memberships and Credentials

  • Member, Phi Beta Kappa
  • Bachelor of Science degree, Indiana University, astrophysics with mathematics minor. Graduated with distinction.
  • Graduate coursework in astronomy and in history and philosophy of science